The Lifestyle Approach to Lasting Weight Loss and Better Health™

Toxic Free Diet and Lifestyle by James Uberti



Most people blame weight loss struggles on genetics, overeating, or something that happens to us as we age. Often, the real reason behind weight loss resistance is caused by inflammatory stress, chemicals and food additives more so than genetics, overeating, or a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, according to recent research, weight loss failures today have more to do with our bodies being chronically stress out more so than eating too much and a sedentary lifestyle. Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach, and Environmental Toxins Expert James Uberti exposes all the fat-fertilizing stressors that are sabotaging your lasting weight loss efforts, energy, and health. When a body is experiencing chronic low-grade inflammatory stress, it favors fat storage despite your efforts to eat less and exercise more. However, when a body is balanced, nourished, and less stressed out, it favors fat burning, healing, and reversing diseases. Toxic-Free Diet isn't just another fad diet of counting calories, portion control, or becoming a vegan. But more about an anti-inflammatory lifestyle approach to lasting weight loss and better health.

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