The Weight Loss and Wellness Lifestyle For Living in a Toxic World™

Toxic Free Diet and Lifestyle by James Uberti



Most people blame weight gain, obesity or disease on genetics, overeating, or something that happens to us as we age. However, according to recent research, the root cause behind weight gain and poor health today has more to do about our bodies being chemically toxic, critically deficient and chronically stressed-out, more so than simply eating too much and not moving enough. Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle isn't another fad diet of counting calories or exercise program, but more about a way of life that teaches you how to detox the body, balance deficiencies and navigate around fat fertilizing and disease-causing culprits. If you're struggling with weight loss resistance, obesity, or disease, this book will change your life by simply learning how to live and eat cleaner while living in a toxic world. Those that have followed the principles outlined in this book have noticed younger-looking skin, experience less pain, reduced or removed their medication dependencies and most importantly won their battle with the bulge and poor health once and for all. It worked for them and can work for you.

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