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If you're one of the 50 million Americans affected by an Autoimmune disorder, you may be wondering why did you get this disease? Although to date no one really knows what causes the immune system to turn on itself and attack healthy cells and cause organ failure, there are predictors that have been linked to autoimmunity and disease such as; genetics, lifestyle and environmental toxins. However, even though these indicators may show some evidence that links to autoimmune disease, the root cause is still unknown. In my opinion, an autoimmune disorder is directly caused by chronic low-grade inflammatory stressors, more so than genetics. According to research from the Scripps Institute in Los Angeles, only 20-30% of all autoimmune disorders are likely caused by genetics.

The problem is that most people are unaware of low-grade inflammatory stress and the consequence of this type of stress has on weight gain and promoting disease, and only often think about inflammation when they sprain an ankle, stub a toe or cut a finger. However, in actuality, there are two types of inflammation the "good kind" called acute inflammation which is temporary and cues the body to heal and the "bad kind" called low-grade chronic inflammation, which can last for several months or indefinitely and if not identified and reduced will lead to weight gain, weight loss resistance, obesity and disease.

It has been estimated that up to 80 percent of all doctor visits are stress-related and I’m not talking about the occasional life event stress. The good news is that your body is more than capable of handling all kinds of stress. However, the bad news is that we live in a toxic world, where the average person is exposed to and suffering from not just one but several types of inflammatory stressors such as; chemical exposure stress, pharmaceutical stress, inflammatory diet stress, PH imbalance stress, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol stress, sleep deprivation stress, emotional stress, financial stress, hormonal imbalance stress, excess weight, poor digestive health stress, food intolerance stress, and nutritional deficiency stress; all of which are forms of chronic low-grade inflammatory stress. If not identified and reduced, at some point overwhelms the body and promotes weight gain and disease.

When the body is under attack morning, noon and night from foreign invaders and inflammatory stress it sends out distress signals, called cytokines. These (SOS) signaling molecules alert the immune system that something’s not right and messages the immune system to send in the troops to defend and/or defeat foreign invaders (toxins, bacteria or viruses) and deal with the toxic inflammatory stress. Overproduction of cytokines circulating throughout the bloodstream overwhelms the immune system and can lead to autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory distress, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and obesity.

When inflammatory stressors outnumber the body, millions, if not billions of stress signals are sent as a result the immune system instructs soldier cells in the body to start firing frantically in all directions to save your life from a terminal disease, organ failure or death. I call this a last-ditch effort to use all of its resources to prevent terminal disease and or death.

For example let's say you're fighting in a war and you're outnumbered 8-1, your back is up against the wall, you’re stressed out, malnourished, and under attack from toxic chemicals morning, noon and night, you are dangerously dehydrated, sleep-deprived, exhausted and the enemy is closing in, you look out and see the enemy fast approaching, (death appears imminent) you start firing all your bullets in all directions to save your life. In my opinion, autoimmune disease is a result of your immune system making a final effort of firing bullets in all directions to save your life. As a result, healthy cells and tissues are often a causality of warfare, a term the military and law enforcement call friendly fire. Which means one’s own forces (innocent) are injured or killed by accident from enemy fire coming from one’s own side.

In my opinion, autoimmune is a result of your immune system becoming outnumbered, overwhelmed and confused by chronic inflammatory stress and starts firing in all directions, in an effort to prevent additional disease, organ failure, or death.  Unless you remove your specific inflammatory stressors (the enemy), and proactively start building up your military force (immune system), and supplying it with ammunition (probiotics, balanced nutrition quality sleep) you'll simply become yet another casualty of friendly fire and suffer the consequences of losing the battle against weight loss resistance, obesity, and autoimmune disease.

In my newest book, I’ll uncover all the inflammatory stressors that are sabotaging your weight loss and wellness efforts, and teach you the simple steps how to navigate around these fat fertilizing and diseases causing culprits. The objective of reclaiming one’s health and minimizing toxic inflammatory stress is to flip the switch of being mostly toxic, deficient and stressed out, to being not so toxic, balanced and less stressed out. By strengthening your immune system, building up your soldiers and by reducing inflammation stress you will be able to defend and defeat all enemies.

When the immune system is NOT overwhelmed, overworked and outnumbered your troops will be able to defend and defeat any enemy with ease. Think of it this way, if you are fighting a war and have 80% more soldiers, weapons, and ammo than your enemy, you will without question win every battle (weight loss resistance, obesity, and disease). This is the foundation of my weight loss and wellness program of reducing and removing inflammatory stressors by simply learning how to live and eat cleaner. By flipping the switch from being tox-sick, to not so tox-sick, reclaiming one's health becomes battles you can and will win every time.

Just because we live in a toxic world doesn't mean we have to live in a toxic body. Attempting to live and eat clean in a toxic world may sound difficult at first but let me assure you it's not that difficult to achieve at all. In fact, most people don’t realize they have control over 80% of the toxic inflammatory offenders in their life which contributing to their poor health and weight loss resistance; such as the inflammatory foods they eat, to the toxic inflammatory products they use, (personal care, cosmetics and cleaning detergents) to the toxic inflammatory indoor air they breathe and the toxic inflammatory tap water they shower, cook, drink and bathe with.

You have control over and can easily navigate around these toxic inflammatory culprits by simply filtering out inflammatory toxins with (air and water filters) and by purchasing cleaner foods and plant-based products. It’s that simple! Over time the practice and habit of living and eating cleaner will significantly reduce your body's inflammatory stress by as much as 80%. By simply identifying your specific inflammatory stressors and learning how to reduce and remove these culprits you will have a significant impact on all aspects of your life, not just reclaiming your health, but also winning the battle of the bulge and poor health once and for all. The key to life is not necessarily living a long life, but living a life without pain, pills or medical bills.