The 21-Day Detox to Cure Weight Loss Resistance and Poor Health

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The biggest advantage of installing a whole home water filtration system is clean water at every faucet. Whole house filtration systems filter out unsafe levels of chlorine, sediments, and other chemicals that can be found in the water that flows to your house. Chlorine is added to water supplies in controlled amounts, but excessive levels can be highly dangerous, and even safe levels of chlorine can have unhealthy side effects such as drying out the skin.


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Aqua Home Group Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set 15 Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water Removes Chlorine and Harmful Substances - Showerhead Filter High Output

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Most people blame weight loss struggles on genetics, overeating, or something that happens to us as we age. Often, the real reason behind weight loss resistance is caused by inflammatory stress, chemicals and food additives more so than genetics, overeating, or a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, according to recent research, weight loss failures today have more to do with our bodies being chronically stress out more so than eating too much and a sedentary lifestyle. Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach, and Environmental Toxins Expert James Uberti exposes all the fat-fertilizing stressors that are sabotaging your lasting weight loss efforts, energy, and health. When a body is experiencing chronic low-grade inflammatory stress, weight-gaining hormones get elevated, and favors fat storage despite your efforts to eat less and exercise more. However, when a body is balanced, nourished, and less stressed out, it favors fat burning, healing, and better health. Toxic-Free Diet isn\'t just another fad diet of counting calories, portion control, or exercising endlessly. But more about a work smarter, not harder anti-inflammatory lifestyle approach to lasting weight loss and better health.

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Hormone Balancing is the Key to Lasting Weight Loss and Better Health. Often when people hear the words hormones, they think that you\'ll have to visit a doctor, get tested, and be treated with hormone replacement drugs. The good news is more often than not; hormone imbalances are caused by endocrine chemicals, a fat fertilizing diet, and Inflammatory stress, more so than a medical issue or early onset of menopause or andropause for men. When hormones are altered or unbalanced, the body favors fat storage despite your efforts to eat less and exercise more. However, when a body is nourished, balanced, and less stressed out, it favors fat burning, healing, and restored health. If you\'re struggling with weight gain, weight loss resistance, illness, or disease, this book can change your life by learning how to remove the sources that cause hormones to go haywire. Those that followed the principles outlined in this book have noticed restored health, lasting energy, less pain and inflammation, better quality skin, improved immunity, reduced dependencies on medication, and most importantly, won their struggle with weight loss resistance and poor health.

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Juice Your Way Back 10 Years exposes the toxic truth food manufacturers and advertisers don’t want you to know about. You’ll discover the most dangerous age-robbing culprits, chemicals, and toxins that accelerate the aging process. I’ll teach you the steps necessary to remove these toxins and which super foods, herbs and blends can restore and rejuvenate your skin, hair, nails, and overall health from the inside out.

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Includes 7 stages of purification- Air Cleaning System with TRUE HEPA, Activated Carbon Filters with Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizing function. The Powerful Air Purifier is equipped to cover large square footage. Bot Air Purifier Large Room For Allergies and Pets, HEPA and Charcoal Filter for Home

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