The Weight Loss and Wellness Lifestyle For Living in a Toxic World™

About Author

James N. Uberti is a Best Selling Author, and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner (FDN-P). Throughout his thirty-five years as a health and fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder, triathlete, and after publishing his first book on reversing the aging process. Mr. Uberti would notice person after person experiencing the same problem; inability to "achieve lasting weight loss results" despite their efforts of eating less and exercising more. He set out to find out why this was, and after several years of research, what he discovered was shocking! What he learned was that today's weight gain and poor health had less to do about overeating and a sedentary lifestyle, and more about our bodies being toxic, unbalanced, and stressed-out, more so than eating too much or not exercising enough. What he uncovered was the inspiration and passion behind his newest book, "Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle". In this book, Mr. Uberti teaches you how to achieve lasting weight loss results and better health by detoxifying your life, balancing deficiencies and by learning how to navigate around  fat-fertilizing and disease-causing culprits. In this groundbreaking book, Mr. Uberti exposes the truth behind weight gain and disease by exposing hidden stressors that are directly sabotaging your weight loss and wellness efforts, and guides you through the simple steps to live clean, get lean and restore health without counting calories or exercising endlessly. 

Learn The Toxic Truth Behind Why All Diets Fail and How To Lose Weight Permanently