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About Author

Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle was created and written by James Neal Uberti, a best-selling author, and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, FDN. Throughout his thirty-five years as a bodybuilder, triathlete, and health and fitness enthusiast. He would notice person after person experiencing the same issue, inability to achieve lasting weight loss and better health, despite their efforts of eating less and exercising more. As a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and after 6 years of research what he discovered was life-changing! What he learned was that today's weight gain and disease is caused by chemicals and low-grade inflammatory stress, more than simply overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. This was the passion and inspiration behind his detox, balance and burn lifestyle approach to lasting weight loss and reversing disease. 

Learn The Toxic Truth Behind Why All Diets Fail and How To Lose Weight Permanently