The 21-Day Detox to Cure Weight Loss Resistance and Poor Health

About James N. Uberti
Anti-Aging, Weight Loss and Wellness Author, FDNP

Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle was created and written by James N. Uberti. James is a Functional Weight Loss and Wellness Practitioner. Throughout his career of researching the root causes of weight gain and disease. James discovered that most diseases and weight-related issues were a result of being exposed to chemicals during fetal development. According to a 2006 study from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, some chemicals can interfere with the natural function of genes, proteins and other small molecules in the brain. This was the inspiration and passion for teaching others the importance of detoxing their home, body and learning how to balance and nourish the body when becoming pregnant or planning a family.  James teaches you all the toxic culprits that are putting you're newborn at risk of developing developmental or weight-related diseases as a result of being exposed to toxic chemicals during in vitro development.