The 21-Day Detox to Cure Weight Loss Resistance and Poor Health

About James N. Uberti
Anti-Aging, Weight Loss and Wellness Author, FDNP

Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle was created and written by James Neal Uberti. James is a best selling author and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner, FDNP. Throughout his thirty-five years as a health and fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder, and triathlete. He would notice countless people experiencing the same problem, inability to achieve lasting weight loss results, despite their efforts of eating less and exercising more. James set out to find out why this was, and after several years of research, what he discovered was shocking! He learned that today's weight gain and disease is caused by toxic fat-fertilizing and disease-causing inflammatory stress, more so than simply eating too much and not exercising enough. If you're struggling with weight loss resistance and poor health, the steps outlined in his books will change your life. Those that followed the steps of his live clean, get lean lifestyle approach; noticed better quality skin, elevated mood, lasting energy, improved immunity, reversed diseases, and most importantly, won their struggle with weight loss resistance and poor health.