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About Book

The Toxic Free Diet™ was designed to provide readers with the knowledge to reduce, and remove fat fertilizing culprits and empower them with the most effective weight loss program ever written for living in a toxic world. In this book I uncover the root cause of unexplained weight gain, and teach you the simple steps to live organically and how to avoid fat fertilizing toxic chemicals, burn fat faster, boost metabolism, balance hormones, restore your health and reprogram your weight loss belief system to easily turn weight loss resistance into weight loss results 100% of the time. In addition, I’ll expose the 5 most critical mistakes diets make today and pull back the curtain on the lies and deceptions, food and product companies don’t want you to know about, while exposing the toxic truth behind why processed foods, drug companies and personal care manufacturers are programming us to be fat, sick and tired while poisoning people in the name of profit.