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About Author

The inspiration of Toxic Free Diet™ came from James Uberti, a Health and Nutrition Author, Toxic Environmental Expert, Founder of Desert Cryotherapy; Pain Relief and Weight Loss Center and President of Toxic Free Market. Throughout his 30 years as a fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder and tri-athlete he observed that most people working out for weight loss often struggled to get in shape and often appeared older than their actual age. That’s when it hit Mr. Uberti, “there’s got to be a easier way to lose weight and look younger at the same time.” Several years later and after extensive research on why we age prematurely and gain weight. Mr. Uberti publishing his first book “Juice Your Way Back 10 Years” and since then has continued groundbreaking research on the role fat fertilizing foods and toxic chemicals play on hormones and our weight control system. In his newest book Toxic Free Diet he uncovers why 99% of all diets fail, why we get fat in the first place and empowers readers with the simple steps to reduce, remove and replace toxic fat fertilizing culprits to turn weight loss resistance into weight loss results 100% of the time.

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